“Davis has an ambitious range (think Joni Mitchell), with the precise vocalizations and natural instinct of Stevie Nicks.” 

-Michael Hickens
Stacy Knows


Becki Davis is emerging on the folk music scene with songs that offer reassuring resonance for personal reflection in the midst of a dizzying outer landscape. From a dedicated public servant to a soul-stirring singer-songwriter, her story highlights the transformative power of introspection and honoring one's true self. 

Born and raised in Indiana, Becki found her love of music at a young age winning vocal competitions and playing guitar, piano, French horn, and any other instrument she could get her hands on. Despite her musical childhood, her early career went in a different direction marked by roles in state government, the White House Office of Management and Budget, and the U.S. Department of Education. She went on to consult for an international non-profit and served as a trustee on a number of boards in her community. Yet, the call of music couldn't be ignored, ultimately taking her back to her roots and igniting a profound personal reinvention.

With a voice that's both powerful and tender, Becki takes inspiration from the emotional honesty of artists like Kacey Musgraves and Brandi Carlile, beautifully coloring the stories she tells with genuine feeling. Michael Hickens remarked in the online journal, Stacy Knows, “Davis has an ambitious range (think Joni Mitchell) with the precise vocalizations and natural instinct of Stevie Nicks," capturing the essence of her classic sound. Becki's approach to guitar compliments her vocal prowess and the straightforward arrangement of her music emphasizes its core message. This blend of precision and instinct allows her to navigate through her lyrics and melodies with a natural flow and vulnerability that speaks directly to the listener's heart. 

Before her solo career, Becki's involvement in the music project The Four26 marked a significant chapter in her artistic journey. The collaboration was pivotal in honing her craft, allowing her to delve into and evolve her musical identity as a performer and songwriter. Yet, it's in her solo work where Becki truly bares her soul, weaving her insights on transformation and the human spirit into a soothing sonic tapestry. 

Becki's musical journey is underscored by her hard work and dedication, averaging nearly 100 performances a year from 2018 to 2023, including opening for the Spin Doctors, headlining sold-out events, and playing iconic NYC music venues like The Bitter End. Her song, “Highest Ground” received an Honorable Mention in the Indie International Songwriting Network contest and her song “Shift” received airplay in the greater NYC area. 

Becki is currently in the studio recording new music to share with her fellow soul seekers throughout the year, promising a steady stream of heartfelt songs that will serve as a sanctuary for contemporary contemplatives seeking connection and community in a fractured world. 

Beyond her music, Becki extends her exploration of spirituality and personal growth through her role as a podcast host and blogger. These platforms allow her to delve deeper into second-half-of-life themes of transformation, authenticity, and the human spirit and offer listeners additional companionship on the further journey. 

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